F-35 hypoxia awareness training

This new Human Factors training environment enables F-35 pilots to experience, recognize and train responses to hypoxia in the F-35 cockpit simulator during mission related tasks. The 5thGen Air Force requires this awareness trainer to be tailormade to the F-35, enriched with cognitive challenging training scenario’s.

The standard hypoxia training, provided for many decades by the RNLAF Center for Man in Aviation (CML) in their hypobaric chambers, is added with awareness training on an F-35 simulator in which a Reduced Oxygen Breathing Device (ROBD) is integrated. Flight scenario’s and hypoxia effects are linked to provide realistic training.

The mobile training environment in a container enables for hypoxia training on-site at both Leeuwarden and Volkel Airbase as well as at CML in Soesterberg.

This trainer is a joint development of TNO, multiSIM BV, RNLAF/CML and RNLAF/LWD at the Human Tech Campus in Soesterberg (NL) and is funded by DMO/MIND of NL MoD as innovation project within the AEOLUS Human Performance Innovation Centre.