AEOLUS programs innovate PILOT FLIGHT EQUIPMENT and enhance Human Factors SIMULATION & TRAINING, with the development of multi-stressor training environments. For this, innovation in the HUMAN PERFORMANCE domain is crucial.

We work together on new solutions to improve the readiness and operational effectiveness of military pilots, aircrew and maintenance personnel by creating more and faster access to innovative products and services.

On the Human Tech Campus of both founding institutes, AEOLUS provides access to unique research & test facilities, world-class scientists, military pilots and defense industry. The F-35 Pilot Readiness Center on our campus provides unique opportunities for innovation.

We share multidisciplinary knowledge, facilities and operational expertise for developing new fruitful ideas and validating promising technologies. Learning from each other’s perspective makes research more effective and brings technology to the market faster with a high level of user-satisfaction.

AEOLUS accelerates innovation by bringing together multidisciplinary knowledge and world-class facilities with trusted partners