Unclass F-35 simulator

The unclassified F-35A simulator is used for human performance research, for part-task or multi-ship multi-type training, and for concept development and evaluation.

The simulator features cockpit hardware from Bugeye Technologies, including high fidelity flight controls, a touchscreen, seat and sliding left console. The Panoramic Cockpit Display (PCD) with commonly used portals, flight-model software and virtual environments, and the Helmet Mounted Display System (HMDS) have been developed by multiSIM b.v., based on publicly available data. This makes it possible to create realistic 5th gen fighter simulation in an unclassified environment.

Recently, our F-35A simulator has been extended with a Reduced-Oxygen-Breathing-Device (ROBD) to provide normobaric hypoxia while flying dedicated F-35 scenario’s. Read more¬†about this project.