DESDEMONA ultimate motion simulator

The DESDEMONA motion simulator is unique in the world. It combines a centrifuge design for sustained G-loading with five additional degrees-of-freedom. With its fully gimballed cabin and centrifuge capability it is the ideal simulator for motion critical training scenario’s, which allows for the simulation of extreme and complex maneuvers that cannot be simulated in standard industry simulators.

Standard motion simulators will suffice for training of most (civilian) aircraft maneuvers, but what if the aircraft movements reach the limits of the envelope and become extremely high dynamic, such as during unusual attitude recovery and during combat in military aircraft? The same applies to extreme ground vehicle movements, such as rollovers, emergency swerves and off-road driving. Standard simulators will not be able to simulate these maneuvers.

The solution will have to come from a simulator with a large motion envelope: the DESDEMONA simulator, which represents the next generation in motion simulation.

The DESDEMONA simulator features a centrifuge up to 3.3G, a 8m linear track, a 2m vertical heave, and unlimited attitudes in yaw, pitch and roll. Its cabin has a modular layout that allows to be re-configured as a fighter jet, a helicopter, a Boeing 737, a spacecraft or – and just as easily – as the interior of a car or the bridge of a small ship.

The DESDEMONA simulator is designed for several purposes, such as Spatial disorientation training (basic course, advanced courses, refreshers), advanced military flight simulation, including highly complex jet fighter motion (deep stall, inverted deep stall), helicopter operations in adverse circumstances (difficult and dangerous environments, such as brownout landings), and upset recovery training for transport aircraft pilots.

Furthermore, DESDEMONA offers unique possibilities for research on human motion perception and the development of optimal motion cueing (also for the use and design of other simulators).

However, the possibilities offered by DESDEMONA allow a much wider use, e.g. in civil aviation, general aviation, space travel (e.g. artificial gravity and the training of astronauts), shipping and the automotive industry. Other organizations involved in the human balance system and motion sickness – such as the pharmaceutical industry and manufacturers of roller coasters – will definitely also benefit from its opportunities.

More information, see the website of DESDEMONA b.v.